Female pioneers

I find the works of Eliane Radigue, Maryanne Amacher, Pauline Oliveros, and Delia Derbyshire incredibly intriguing. Their distinctive sounds resonate with me deeply, drawing me in and leaving a lasting impact on me as a listener.



Their ability to perceive sound in such a unique way and bring it to life is truly remarkable. I see parallels between their work and mine, particularly in my focus on the concept of being present in the moment and guiding the listener through an immersive experience.


I am fascinated by the idea of creating movement within the composition, both in terms of spatialization and the layers of tones, to allow the listener to physically feel the music as it evolves. By incorporating spatialization techniques, I aim to lead the listener on a journey of exploration and self-discovery through their own perception.



These four women serve as constant sources of inspiration for me in my artistic endeavors, and I feel a strong connection to their original approach to sound.

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