macro |ˈmakrəʊ||.

noun (pl. macros)

Macros are large, thick or unusually prominent objects.

macro: relating to, involving or intended for use with relatively large quantities or on a large scale.

macros: a macro lens or a close-up photograph.

macrofossil: a single computer instruction representing a sequence of operations.

macrofossil macromolecule macroscopic

macroscopic |ˌmakrə(ʊ)ˈskɒpɪk|.


1 visible to the naked eye; not microscopic.

2 relating to a large-scale or general analysis.

Applied to physical phenomena and bodies, the macroscopic scale describes things as a person can perceive them directly, without the aid of magnifying devices.

soundscape |ˈsaʊndskeɪp||.


A piece of music considered from the point of view of the sounds that make it up.

A soundscape is a sound or combination of sounds that forms or originates from an immersive environment. Crucially, the term soundscape also includes the listener's perception of the sounds heard as an environment: "how this environment is understood by those who live in it" and which, therefore, mediates their relationships.


Macroscape is a piece that surrounds you with deep macroscopic listening.
It is a soundscape made from sounds recorded during the Master study at INA GRM.

I wanted to create a multi-layered experience by zooming in on the sounds and making the inaudible audible. To create a new immersive environment in the recordings by combining the sounds together.

My choice of sounds was mainly based on the character of their resonance, each sound having a certain spatial character that goes well with another spatial sound. The idea was to make them exchange frequencies in order to reveal new sounds hidden in the recordings but not audible. By combining the different sounds, they become audible.

It's a macroscopic journey over a large-scale surface, with sounds that are broad and deep.
It's about penetrating deep into the textures of sound waves, magnifying and amplifying them. It's an organic flow that stretches and bends space.

My research focuses on the effect on the listener, taking them on a bodily journey with their sense of orientation in space. How can we direct the listener into a certain movement in the same space through spatial orientation?

By allowing them to float in space and let themselves go with the movement of sound.

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