Live electronics


My solo live performance setup, consists of different instruments and equipment to create an immersive experience. Central to the arrangement is my bass guitar,  as the foundational element for the sonic exploration. The sound palette is a modular synthesizer setup of gear such as RD8, Crave, Neutron, and others, each contributing distinct textures and timbres to the overall sonic landscape.

I have a diverse range of microphones to capture the subtle nuances of spoken word segments woven seamlessly throughout the performance. From hydrophones and contact mics to geofon and light-sensitive microphones, each microphone type has its unique tonal qualities, enriching the sonic tapestry.

This setup creates dynamic blending of bass lines, modular synthesis, and spoken word pieces, offering a multi-sensory journey.

Careful attention is given to the visual ambiance, with atmospheric lighting setting the mood and low-hanging fog enveloping the space. This sensory environment enhances the overall experience, inviting listeners to become fully engaged in the sonic narrative.

The performance invites audiences to embark on a transformative sonic journey.

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